"My masks arrived yesterday and they are absolutely amazing! I am simply impressed beyond expectations. They are absolutely beautiful. I love them and have them displayed on "the mask wall" Thank you so much - I will be using your services again and recommending them too!"

Justin Kennedy

"I just got the Larvals, and I am deliriously happy...I haven't even finished unwrapping them all and had to run to the computer to say how perfect they are. They exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you Thank you!"

Kathleen McNenny
Theatre Teacher

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for the masks. They look AWESOME and have become a great addition to our Theatre Program. Thank you for all your hard work on them!"

Christopher Fritzges
Assoc. Professor of Theatre
University of Central Arkansas

"I received the masks yesterday, and absolutely love them! What amazing craftsmanship! They will undoubtedly live full lives helping me and others unlock their creativity."

Michael Dias
Ohio University

"You are a true artist, David. You are both intuitive and skillful. You have gone out of your way to make these masks just right and your dependability is priceless in our profession. Your masks are inspirational for both the spectator and the performer. We look forward to many projects ahead. Keep on creating!"

Desiree Meineck
Director Aquila Theatre Co.

"Your masks are GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely top notch, elegant and sophisticated work. And your website as well just screams out "class" and "professional"."

Andreas Stridsberg

"David Knezz is a deft and innovative craftsman. He is a lateral thinker who thrives on the challenges of theatrical prop making and produces apposite, finely finished and distinct models, masks and special effects. It is so rewarding as a director to ask for something special and to be awestruck and inspired by the creative response that David brings to the final creation of a theatrical event. His contributions reflect his ability to absorb the qualities of a production, his recognition of the practical realties and his acknowledgement of the parameters, budget, staging and so on. He is an indefatigable enthusiast and has been a fine mentor for younger aspirants in his craft."

Alastair Sharp
Creative Director for young people's programs
Siddha Yoga Foundation

"The show was a big success and your masks were the star! Everyone commented on them. I hope we have a chance to work together again. I'd love to do something that involves your more ambitious masks."

Marcus Geguld
Artistic Director
Folding Chair Classical Theatre Company
New York, NY

"David Knezz Masks are inventive, novel, and marvelous. Every audience member thought that David's masks were the paramount part of our magical show. I can't thank David enough for his passion and timeless energy in this project. The masks were simply impeccable."

Deanna Karras
Director, Children's Theatre of Western Springs

"David Knezz combines artistry and talented craftsmanship in his work. We simply say, 'here's an idea that might be impossible' and David makes it happen. The use of masks with our students consistently helps them to gain greater freedom and flexibility in their acting. The mask is permission to be someone else, and when they take it off...that freedom remains."

Scott Illingsworth
Artistic Director, Children's Theatre of Western Springs

"David Knezz's artistry and dedication to his craft is absolutely solid. The custom puppet he constructed for my production of Around the World in 80 Days was simply amazing in its detail and in its likeness to the subject. He takes real pride in his work."

Tony Vezner
Artistic Director, New American Theatre
Rockford, IL