"David Knezz Masks are inventive, novel, and marvelous. Every audience member thought that David's masks were the paramount part of our magical show. I can't thank David enough for his passion and timeless energy in this project. The masks were simply impeccable."

Deanna Karras
Director, Children's Theatre of Western Springs

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Schools - Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, BlueLake, CA.95525 - South Paris, ME 04281 U.S.A.

Mask Theatres - Megan Wells - Tantalus Theatre - Folding Chair Theatre - Napa Regional Dance Co. - Theatre of Western Springs - Defiant Theatre - Midwest Ballet Co.


Great Books on Mask and Mask-Making

The Moving Body by Jacques Lecoq
Impro by Keith Johnstone
Mask Improvisation for Actor Training and Performance by Sears A. Eldridge
Jacques Lecoq by Simon Murray
Masking Unmasked by Eli Simon
The Prop Builder’s Mask-Making Handbook by Thurston James

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