Looking for a quirky and unique way of honoring a loved one for their birthday, anniversary, wedding, or retirement? David can create a custom-made caricature mask of them that will add a sense of novelty and hilarity to your special occasion. These humorous life-like masks can be used in a skits or a roast and will crack-up your audience. They can also be presented as a work of art in itself to a loved one.

David will create a sculpted portrait in clay from photos you send in. After creating a plaster mold of the sculpture, the mask can be created from durable neoprene and then individually hand-painted. The cost of creating a personalized mask ranges from $800-$1200 depending on the amount sculpting time required.

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Example 1
Rick's 50th Birthday Party

  1. Rick’s fiancée wanted to find a unique way to honor him at his 50th surprise birthday party.
  1. Pictures of Rick were sent to David.

  1. The initial sculpture was made.

  1. After the final sculpture was approved the masks were made. In this case the client wanted extra copies of the mask made for gifts to his family.

  1. At the party, the first Rick saw of the masks were in a “This is your Life” skit presented by his friends.

Example 2

  1. A senior partner is honored by his staff for his birthday party.

    “The Masks could not have been better in any respect. Everyone at the party was absolutely floored. "Hilarious!!!" "The BEST ever!!!" Skip was absolutely stunned. I cannot thank you enough.”