I have worked with David on 16 full scale productions involving hundreds of elaborate props, puppets and masks.  As a writer/director - I have quite an imagination and it seemed that no matter what I came up with, David would say YES! - we can do that. I remember once we needed a huge ten-face Hindu mask to fit on a child, and he made it scary, colorful, authentic and child safe all at the same time.  He is a unique combination of architect, engineer and artist, which makes him an excellent props master.  He also is an inspiring and motivating team leader.  As most of our people are volunteers - this is essential"

Artistic Director of Youth Theater, SYDA Foundation

To the art of masks, David Knezz brings a director's mind, an actor's heart, a sculptor's hands, a painter's eye, a gift for listening and the wisdom of a deeply examined life.  Working with David is a welcome experience of trust and playfully brilliant creativity.  The masks for GODS OF LOVE were breathtaking and garnered well-deserved praise from our reviewers.  I recommend him with wholehearted delight!

Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

David visited our Mask-making and Storytelling program on several occasions as a guest instructor.  Our young people loved it when he came...he would bring dozens of his own masks and do exercises and mask work with them.  His enthusiasm and warm demeanor really put the students at ease and created a safe space in which they could express themselves; it was a first acting experience for most of them.  David is really fun to work with and was a wonderful addition to our program.

Instructor, After School Matters
Chicago, IL

Wow! I enjoyed taking on the dimensions of a character and exploring the “persona” fully. I was also pleasantly surprised with the neutral mask. It reminded me that I can relax and settle into just BEING.

Special Education Teacher

I did something I had never done before and I got to play all afternoon! It was great – not too much talking and a lot of doing!!!


I found the mask freeing and transformative. I felt a true stillness which surprised my expectations. The mask allowed me to access parts of myself which “non-masked” acting doesn’t seem to allow so readily.(or at all). I appreciate the “container” David created for us to feel safe, expressive, and uninhibited in.

Educational Director
Children’s Theatre

It was therapeutic. Normally in my life I operate within a safe range of emotions. This work gave me permission to go beyond this normal range and experience the wild man or woman inside in a safe place. We don't have many rituals in our society for this so we use drugs, alcohol, cheap thrills, etc. to compensate.

Artist, Director

Connecting with these seldom experienced cast of characters within myself and also seeing other peoples work from the audience, expanded my ability to be more compassionate, I feel, for the different people I encounter in the world.


It was beneficial realizing the “masks” I wear everyday and how easily I can change them.

Stay at home Dad

It was great! A lot of fun, and I think it will help my acting and not being afraid.

11 years old

I loved it. It was really interesting and amazing to see and experience the change that come over a person when they put on a mask. Thank you so much for this workshop. I know that this is an experience that I will treasure and remember for the rest of my life.

14 years old

It was 10 times better than I expected. It was weird, exciting and exhilarating. I learned a lot to improve my professional and personal life. I will highly recommend the workshop to everyone.

Motivational Speaker

Enlightening, stimulating. I loved the intergenerational format.

Educational Consultant

Transformational. You created an exceptional environment to take risks in.

Drama teacher

I loved the concept of the “neutral”mask, of trying to isolate oneself free of baggage…


It was beneficial having this creative release. Dropping the guards and finding emotional truths…


I loved the neutral most of all. It was centering, freeing, calming and profound. And I loved the spontaneity of working in the groups.


I loved feeling creative and expressing it with a fun, willing, energetic, and insightful group of people.


 I liked the experience of wearing the many masks because it makes you realize that all the time we are wearing one and it produces reactions in you and others.


This work is profound with very deep and subtle effects. The mask work creates a ripe environment for so much more to be done around conscious processing of what the mask "uncovers/discovers". And I especially like that it is done in the culture of playfulness and fun! Bravo! Too much fun!